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Re: What a big moment!

>We were really waiting for this, and big Kim made it possible!
>Well, is there anyone subscribed yet?
>I put "subscribe" in subject and body, as I always do... no problem!

Ok! Matt and Matthias made it on!  I guess its working well enough for a
public announcement soon. There are a few weird little bugs that probably
won't slow things down really, and I was hoping to re-write the generic
text files that get sent to new subscribers first, but maybe there isn't
any real need to wait.

The texts I should be able to do tomorrow if the sysamin remembers to give
me permissions for editing those.

So are we ready? Where should we post about it? Places I can think of are
the web page, door-x, the king crimson list, the digital guitar list,
rec.music.*, alt.guitar, and boogie-talk. What others?


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