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Re: What a big moment!

>>>I put "subscribe" in subject and body, as I always do... no problem!
>I just noted that when I made "reply" this mail was adressed to you
>personally, Kim, which I find confusing. It should go to the list, for my
>taste. And I am sure there is a way to change that on the server.

Yeah, there must be a way to have Repy To: in the header. I'll try to
figure it out.

>Did you like the idea to put  "subscribe" in subject *and* body?
>Otherwhise you would have to clearly define where.

Yeah, that covers the possibilities. I need to re-write the help text that
gets sent automatically if you send it a request it doesn't understand.
Right now its not as helpful as it could be...

>>So are we ready? Where should we post about it? Places I can think of are
>>the web page, door-x, the king crimson list, the digital guitar list,
>>rec.music.*, alt.guitar, and boogie-talk. What others?
>Maybe the DAW people are interested:
>and the (analog) synth amateurs:
>There must be lists for electronic music, minimal music, healing music...


I'll try to write an announcement tonight after work. Then you can post it
anywhere you like. The more loopers we find, the better! Or, if you just
can't wait, go ahead and post now!


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