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Re: Boomerang info

>I haven't seen a page, but I've seen the Boomerang at a couple of
>tradeshows. What do you want to know? It has fairly limited functionality,
>and the sound quality is not so great, since it samples at only 16khz. So
>you probably only get maybe 6khz bandwidth out of it. It has a half speed
>mode, which is sort of interesting, except then you wind up with an 8khz
>sample rate and probably only 3khz bandwidth. If all you want is a cheap
>footpedal to do simple guitar loops, its probably ok.

Thanks for the info Kim.  You basically answered my main questions.  I was
hoping the Boomerang would fill my "need" for a looping device with a
multiple/divide function.  Sounds like I should save my pennies....


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