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Re: how much is an echoplex?

> How much does an echoplex cost (US) anyway?  Is
> there anywhere i can try one out within a reasonoble
> driving distance from Philly?

Echoplexes often aren't as expensive as you'd think.  The retail is about 
$879 for a new unit, but for just over $500 I picked up a brand new unit 
*plus* the foot controller.  Why?  The store I got it at (Nadine's here 
in L.A., incidentally one of the few places I've found that even stocks 
the thing) wanted to move the units.  Loopers are pretty esoteric; very 
few people know what they are, and most of the few that do don't have the 
right combination of interest and finance.  So you should be able to 
track down one of the three "Big Ones" (JamMan, Echoplex, or Boomerang) 
at a pretty decent cost.

Imagining the day Boss comes out with the $250 LP-1 looping stompbox,