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Re: Hello and such

>Actually, I'm a professional programmer, and I have a pretty good grasp 
>of numeric analysis programming and how audio works.  My usual 
>environment is Unix, but I'm sure I could pick up Mac/Windows programming 
>easily enough if I tried.  

Me too.

>Yeah, I'm seriously considering buying a new Power Mac just to work on 
>this idea.  What do y'all think?  Would you be willing to use a personal 
>computer for a looping device?  Do you HAVE a computer capable of this 
>sort of thing?  All the necessary hardware is built into Power Macs and 
>most modern PCs.  The whole thing could be sold as software, or even 
>given away.  

I've been thinking about doing this, myself.  I have a 6100/60, and
will soon buy something newer (180 MHz PowerComputing machine?) for
running Deck on.

I'd also like to write a virtual analogue synth (patchable) that
would work with it.

>Let's think about this.  What sort of features would we like to see?  
>What about the user interface? 

It should be able to work with the upcoming Korg audio card, 'cause
the Mac audio inputs are only around 70 db s/n.