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Re: I'm gonna get some

>In my long (it appears so) quest for unexpensive ways to get a jamman, a
>vortex or an echoplex, I suddelly wonder...
>In france the current is 220 V at 50 hz.
>Does these units have wall warts (in that case, i just swap the wall
>wart, it is easy) or do they have internal current transformation (in
>that case, I would have to open the machine, and that is less easy for
>me, not to mention that I fear having to do such things...)
>Pleaaaaassse tell me

The Echoplex was designed for international traveling. It has a good,
rugged internal power supply with a switch on the back to change between
110V and 220V. You shouldn't have any problems with this. (I designed it, I
should know!) In fact, it is made to be quite tolerent of wide votage
swings and dropouts, so if you have some sort of power surge or sag on
stage, your loop won't die. I spent 5 very long days at the frankfurt musik
messe demoing the thing on 220V and it never blinked.

I think the Jamman has a wall wart. In my humble opinion, wall warts are
the work of the devil, and anyone that designs them into a professional
music product ought to be beaten senseless with partially used power strips
and whipped with flimsy little power cords. And then they should be made to
stand in Guitar Center for a year, explaining to every customer why exactly
they are being charged $20 for a manufacturer-labeled wall wart that cost
said manufacturer less than a dollar. But I digress......


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