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>There are
>other genres where looping is real prominent as well. Hip-hop, techno,
>house, trip-hop, ambient-techno, dub, etc have all developed looping in
>interesting ways, and now those influences are pretty much common place in
>pop music.

I am not really into this music yet, its hard to find in Brasil, and not
very my taste, but I imagine that it has a lot of loopy caracter.
Are there records out with such heavy looped rythms?

Would this be a way to use real drums and percussion to combine the machine
like steady rythm with the real punch of unacurate human hit drum?

It would give a nice stage picture, too: imagine the drumer walking around
stage, grabing an instrument every now and then, hitting it short and
intense. In between he has time to relax or act, but the sound slowly grows
to hell...
(it is possible to connect an infinite number of pedal boards or single
overdub pedals to the ECHOPLEX, so you can operate it from various points
on the stage!)

>In fact, one thing I'm really interested in discussing on this list is the
>different approaches and techniques to looping found in different styles 
>music. I think we can learn a lot from each other by sharing these
>different approaches and reapplying them in our own music.

This is exactly it. I hope we can exchange some sound samples about it,