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>>By the way, did I tell you that I store loops on VHS Hi-Fi videocassettes
>> because DATs are a bit steep for me?  It works, too.  You just need a 
>> VCR without the typical compression most of them have (i.e. you get 
>what you 
>> pay for, the better ones are pretty crystalline sounding...)

> I did that for a while, before DAT became available, but after a few 
> I heard a noise of the head frequency on the tapes, getting stronger.

Very odd - I've never heard this before.  I actually also use the tapes at 
I'll do a tape for a theme (i.e. 8 hours of christmas music that never 
8 hours of scary music for halloween, 8 hours of space music for those 
when nothing else is happening).

What about eight hours of loops?  Wow, set it to self-regenerate and just 
a hypnotic trance session (like Michael Hoenig's "Departure from the 
Wasteland", that's another good hypnotic one with Lutz Ulbricht of Ashra 
Agitation Free fame (as well as Micky Duwe from the latter)).

> Maybe I had a bad machine? Or it is not serious really?

I'm thinking that's what's happening here, either that or you overdrove the
signal so that it distorted in some way or maybe the tape wasn't up to it.
You have to use high quality tapes.  I'd get your deck checked out.