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Re: Hello and such

Kim, animated:

>>MacLoop!  Matthias has been evangalizing for this idea for ages. Somebody
>>definitely has to do it. A protools plug in and a standalone would be my

then Ray Peck cooled down:

>Way too expensive.  I've been thinking more along the lines of Deck or
>Logic Audio.  The machines are getting fast enough that one doesn't
>necessarily need to drop $10k on ProTools hardware.  If people balk at
>$900 for an Echoplex, do you think they're gonna drop $15k for a
>machine and ProTools?!?
>BTW, Bias Peak on the Mac has some "automatically loop this think I'm
>recording" features built in.  It's a shame that they only support two
>stereo tracks.

Matthias warms up:

The idea would be, that any looper could step into a professional studio
and play with the features he is used to, only that the recording goes on a
HD and with all layers separate so editing and mixing is possible.
Without this, there never will be serious loop music CD products on the 
In other words, if there are enough of us coming out of the kitchen
(someone mentioned something likely?), all studios will buy the Loop Plug
In to serve us...

Sure we need a cheaper version for everyone to fool around at home.

How does that "automatically loop this think I'm recording" feature work?
Sounds interesting!