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multiple loops (was Re: Hello and such)

Chris wrote:

>I have been doing something like this using multiple echolplexes, 
>via the brother sync.  I use one echoplex to create a "fundamental unit"
>loop.  Then, I create loops on additional echoplexes, which are a multiple
>of this fundamental unit.  Finally, I can go back to the original unit and
>mulitply its length too.  Using four echoplexes, for example, I can have
>them repeating every 4, 5, 6, and 7 beats, respectively.  This makes for
>some great entertwining melodies, which don't sound repetitious -- they
>sound like they are forever changing.

I have done this with two loopers and liked it very much too. It reminded
me of someone dancing on a ship that crosses the waves of another ship...

>Another trick I like, is to run a loop
>through an effect, like a slap back delay, and sending this into another
>looper (and another channel).  This makes for some "mind-tweaking" sounds.

Did not understand this one. The other looper would run at the same loop
time? or with such a "integer" relationship of different number of beats?
Does it create a "stereo" effect, or what is the tweak about it?