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Re: A BAND of loopers!

At 07:06 PM 9/13/96 -0300, you wrote:

>studio seventeen productions <ambient@adnc.com> wrote:
>>I recorded and performed for
>>five years creating live in-the-moment loops, Bryan looping drum machine 
>>synth with a JamMan and a 16-second delay and myself on energy bow and
>>guitar & synth with the setup noted above.
>>A BAND of loopers as it were!
>Gee, what an old dream! I never really managed.
>How did you sync the stuff?
>Did you use miked instruments, too?
MY REPLY:  We made no attempt to sync technology wise.  Five years of 
playing experience (we played for two years as an acoustic guitar duo
working in the new standard tuning for guitar before we mutated into the
electronic/ambient looping band BINDLESTIFF) and empathy did the trick.  

Most pieces started with one of us and the other could join in: however, at
no time were our loops similar in any way, duration wise especially.  It
just WORKED.  The best band I've ever been in, bar none (BINDLESTIFF).
Generally, we never used miked instruments (except on some studio-ized
overdubbed non-live stuff).  Sometimes we started together, and prayed we'd
stay in sync.  Amazingly, in the main, we did.  And if not, kill your loop
and restart until you are...not too hard with experience.

Our setups are completely different: Bryan prefers REVERBING AND EFFECTING
HIS SOUNDS and THEN looping them; I prefer looping them and then "treating
them" a la ENO.  I've often created a loop, and then made five or ten or
twenty different recordings of it using the Digitech TSR-24S processor for
different rooms, reversals, etc.  The fact that we sounded so different
helped, yet we PLAYED "together" even though the setups differ wildly.  

Please check out some of the BINDLESTIFF tracks on our page (address below)
this was a remarkable experience to say the least!!!  Or email me for a 
catalog.  The work with Bindlestiff is some of the most important I've
undertaken.  It freed me of old standard tuning: it freed me from my
perfectionistic overdub-it-till-it's dead habit...and now I create (and
destroy) loops as Kim was describing...I've often killed loops that were so
beautiful it was painful.  But you KNOW you can do it better, later...

IF NOT, you record them.

Maybe processed several different ways...

more on this later!

thanks for listening

dave at studio seventeen


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