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Re: Unidentified subject!

Matthias writes:
>Ray Peck said:
>>I have a recording, which I made myself, of Eno discussing "It's Gonna
>>Rain", and explaining that that's where he got the idea, which was
>>passed on to Fripp.
>What means "the idea" in this case?

The tape loop as a compositional device.

>When I was about 8 years old, I "discovered" the capability of fathers 
>machine to create echoes. I had a great shock, in fact, because it was an
>increasing one.

I did this, too, with a reel-to-reel when I was about 15.  I had a
Sequential Circuits Pro 1 which has a sequencer in it.  The sequence
can be transposed with the keyboard.  I would crank the reverb
feedback up as close as I could get to unity, set the sequence speed
as close as I could get to some multiple of the delay length, and
bliss out.

Another neat trick was that you could use one oscillator as an LFO,
and could set both LFOs on square or pulse shapes.  I'd set them both
to modify the oscillator's frequency by, say, minor thirds, and bliss
out once again, while the LFOs slowly went out of phase.

Lots of other tricks too.  I ran across a reel with some of this stuff
the other day.  Neat memories.

>I certainly was influenced a lot by Pink Floyd that used echo as rithmic
>base, and so was Eno, maybe...

Yeah, Roger used to use a slap-back echo, like on "Careful w/ that Axe".

>So your recording is very interesting. Would you mind to write down the
>dedicated part so we can post it?

I'll try to get to it.  Eno's said this on a number of occasions.  I
might have an audio version on-line.

BTW, it's be (far) easier for me to actually put the recording up than
to transcribe it.