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Mis-formatted HellText.

Sorry kids.  That looked awful when I saw it come back.
Re-formatted for better reader mental processing.

Re:  Moo:
Why not Moo?  Moo is the cow sound.  Looping it becomes an OM 
like reverberance.

Re: VHS HiFi Head Switching Noise:
Odd.  Can anyone shed light on this occurrence?  I'm not hearing this 
on mine, even in headphones but I might not be as audio anal as some.  

Loop Storage:
Just to give you an idea regarding how I store the loops is like this.  
My profuse apologies to DAT fans, but I don't have DAT yet (and likely 
won't for a while, I'd much rather have an Echoplex!)...Here's how to 
store loops on VHS hi-fi videotapes.

Take the RCA line-outs from the mixer of my four-track into the 
front-mounted RCA jacks on my VCR.   Use decent, shielded RCA 
cables, not "chez Plastic" brand for the best signal transfer.

Note: Make sure your recording levels are not going to be going 
into the red.  Remember that most VCRs have an analog preamp 
for this kind of thing and you might want to avoid creaming it or 
your tape WILL sound bad.

A good way of monitoring the sound levels is to insert a stereo
cassette deck with LED / flourescent metering AFTER the VCR to adjust 
on the 4-track recorder.

Another way I do it is this way, which is a bit more complicated:
4-track to Barcus-Berry Sonic Maximizer, BBE into VCR, after the
VCR we have the aforementioned JVC cassette deck for level monitoring
and from there into a Rotel integrated amplifier and from there into
headphones or my monitor system.
The BBE process some of you may be familiar with, but it adds some
audio sweetening.

If I really want to get into a complicated territory, I can add my 
complete looping rig into the effects loop of the four track
recorder for additional processing (Vortex / SGE / Studio Preamp, 
ad infinitum)..

Start the VCR recording on a fresh, good quality (not cheapie tapes, the 
stuff).  Before recording, take the new tape and fast forward all the way 
to the end
and rewind.
Record for five minutes silence in order to get a good header on the tape
(what are you crying about missing five minutes for?  The tape stores 
eight hours fer chrissakes...)

Record loops.  Play back.  Enjoy.  Store them.  You could also create
EXTREMELY long loops (like the end of "Walking on Air" by King Crimson 
in concert - Fripp would set his loopers to peter out long after he left 
auditorium....but set maximum loopage for loops that last HOURS...)  

Some video tapes are 8-9 hours in length, you could create
maxloop!  But for the most part.   

NOTE:  the longer the tape, the riskier the long term storage of same.  The
120 tapes which are 6 hours in length are probably safest.  You should use 
the standard methods of how tapes are to be stored, but I doubt you'll 
to store them tails-out as it were.  Be safe rather than sorry, I caveat 

You finally did it.  I gotta get an echoplex.  I'm going bananas.  By next
spring, by hook or by crook.  Agk.