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Looper's Delight, the first week...

It's been quite an exciting and dramatic start for the Looper's Delight
mailing list! After just one week, we have 40 subscribers already! And
that's with virtually no publicizing on my part. Ouside of an emailed
announcement I made to a bunch of folks I knew were into looping, it's all
been word of mouth.

Also, we've been quite prolific, with 115 posts so far. The Looper's
Delight home page had 60 hits last week for a grand total of 218. Compared
to the number of hits my home page normally gets, those are some big
numbers! And considering the growth rate we're seeing, I expect it will get
quite a bit bigger soon. Are we really that tiny of a subculture?

I do plan to do some more significant publicity for the list, since I hope
to bring in a good diversity of loopers to share their differing
perspectives on the art and keep things interesting. Don't wait for me,
though. If you want to tell your looping friends or post your own
announcement wherever you think some loopers might be hangin', by all means
go ahead!

I've been busy fixing stuff up behind the scenes here, despite working
billions of hours a week at a Silly-con Valley startup. Here are some of
the little bugs I've cleaned up over the past week:

- The irritating "Resent-To" header line has been fixed so it
  only shows your address rather than half the subscribers on
  the list.

- The "Reply-To" header shows up with the list address, so we
  don't accidently mail replies just to the person who posted
  when we meant them for the whole list.

- The list address always shows up correctly with my domain name.
  Before it sometimes used my service provider's domain name, which
  was confusing.

- The various subscription and help texts that get sent out
  automatically were edited so that they hold at least a little
  bit of useful information.

Some of you have complained that the volume is perhaps too high, and asked
if I could make a digest option. That's in the works, I expect it will be
going this week some time. I'll announce how to subscribe to it.

Also, I plan to put the list archives on the web site. The digest will make
that easier for me, and in the mean time, if anyone wants to volunteer to
make archive files out of all the posts, I'd welcome the help.

As for volunteerism, you guys have been great. Lots of people have jumped
at the idea of contributing things to the web site. Some good stuff has
come in already, and more things are on the way. We've got the beginnings
of a great little community going here, which is exactly what I had hoped
for. Keep it up, it can only get cooler!

loop on....


Kim Flint                   | Looper's Delight
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