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Re: Loopy & Moo.

>Re:  Moo:
>Why not Moo?  Moo is the cow sound.  Looping it becomes an OM like

Oh, I see. Like it. By the way, what is man sound like?

>Re: VHS HiFi Head Switching Noise:
>Odd.  Can anyone shed light on this occurrence?  I'm not hearing this on
>mine, even in
>headphones but I might not be as audio anal as some.

Hey wait, I am audio what?
I see, I just was not lucky. And the guy that robbed the machine then not
so much either...
And yes, I used cheap tapes.

>o Start the VCR recording on a fresh, good quality (not cheapie tapes, the
>good stuff).
>   Before recording, take the new tape and fast forward all the way to the
>end and rewind.
>   Record for five minutes silence in order to get a good header on the
>tape (what are you
>   crying about missing five minutes for?  The tape stores eight hours fer

Oba, when I used slow speed, the noise used to become worse.

I am happy that it works for you and wish many hours of loops.
I am using a TCD D3 tiny DAT for years and keep fixing it (it is not very
resistant). An amazing machine considering its high complexity!