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Re: Vortex queries

hi all,
quick comments on the vortex...
I tried it out when they were introduced and decided it didn't do enough 
of a
great thing and left it alone. You're right about the headphone mix... it
sounds great and effective(put that in quotes!) in a lab setting... but 
of that gets lost in live situ's.

so, with that said comes the next stage. I spent 4 days in a brooklyn
recording studio with lots of hi end gear and etc. Started working on a 
that had acoustic guitars atop reggae bass and socha drums with a guitar
ambience pad.
tow of the acoustics were 12 strings(one being ebowed) and the other was an
old martin six string. in the mixing things were very subtle and smooth but
with very small testi-cleez. so as a last resort we patched in the lonesome
and barely used vortex(they probably got a blowout deal on it too) and 
tweeking and found a few surprises in almost reverby non linear and detuned
areas. it's like the thing is almost this and almost a that, but not much 
of a
real person. But, I did use it to do a rotovibe/leslie/hammondy thing to 
of the 12 strings and it sound fairly smooth and natural. 
For 150 it's cool. I'll wait till I find one in a pawn shop for 35-50 clams
and then pickit up.
Just push the function and start jerkin' o the knob (no MAX programming 
needed). It's a neat box, but the jamman is more valuable to me and it's 
satisfying either at the mommentum.
I found that when you start tweeking, the interaction between functions was
interesting. and the AB neat is a quick way to do things that I've been 
with 2-3 processors. So, use it(or you can give it to me anad I'll find a 
for it). LEXI shoulda just put vortex, jamman, and one of the reverbs and 
that. I woulda bought it.


oh, PS David (torn meister) is playing at the world famous troy music hall 
TROY, NY on OCT. 11(I'll double check). So, we need to get some people over
here to be part of the family! David is taking a slot that DAvid Lindley 
to skip. Therefore the advertisement might not be strong enough for DT.
also, if someone would like to come, we might be able to hook them up with 
freeplace to crash if necessary. nothing like a welcome floor(believe me)