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Vortex Loops Using Deja Vu B

Ever have one of those experiences where one of your loops takes on a life
of its own and becomes this THING that sounds like it was put together by
decisions you guided, but is now its own THING?!?!?

Saturday I started doing a loop based on single notes of a guitar arpeggio.
Then I started adding the added notes an octave below the root.  Then I 
notes two octaves above the root just to add a smooth texture.

All of a sudden I had this very animated, interesting loop.  I just kept
listening and listening and was amazed.  Sometime this happens, but not
typically this amazing - I was like "this should be on an album or 

I put my instrument down and just sat and listened.  For a long time.

I walked off into the next room and my wife was saying "I really like
that ..." so we just left it going.

My wife and I had some errands to do, instead of shutting the Vortex off,
I shut everything else off but the looper and came back about two hours or 

When we came back it was still going...I figured if it was still 
that maybe it was worth recording.  

I checked it out again to see if I still liked it and did.  I figured it 
was time
to really mess with it.  I then plugged my cheazo swell flanger pedal into 
effects loop of my 4-track's mixer, then added the Boss DD-3 pedal after 
set to maxdelay (800ms) and about 90% regeneration and added to it and 
it about 50-60% to the original signal.

I had the most amazing animated texture going......I was like "sheeeesh!  
I need
to get this recorded before it goes away..." shoved a blank tape into the 
deck and
started recording until the tape ran out, all the while neat little 
variations on the
main loop were occurring at the molecular level no doubt.  

I'll probably add some sparse synth or guitar bits to it, but it's amazing 
how this
technology can take something as mundane as a simple chord and make it 
this eerie
thing of beauty.

Now I'm really hooked on this loop thing.  Let's just say the Vortex turns 
out to be
the best $150 I ever spent in terms of "best inexpensive musical 
addition"..now I
have to get some more stuff to make bigger loops.

Todd Madson
PressMate Product Specialist
LaserMaster Big Color Technical Support
Corporate Web Site: http://www.lasermaster.com/
Personal W3 Site: http://www.waste.org/~crash/index.html
Personal e-mail: crash@waste.org