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Re: speakers

>collier wrote
>>ps: my rig includes a modified DEP-5, jamman, rockman chorus delay for
>>feedback delay triggers and stereo sep for the effects returns on a 
>>acoustic amp... along with custom multi output guitars and gr-1, 
>>wahs valumes etc.
>>I'm not entirely happy with the marshall except that it travels easily.
>>anyone using portable stereo multi-input beautifully clean amplification?
>>If I don't find one I'll do an independant study in electrical 
>>and design something. also, there is a plastics dept. and acoustical 
>>my main goal is pure sound and portablility.
>Even for electic guitar, certainly for accoustic instruments, I recommend
>to use studio monitors. They will give you enough sound for the stage
>(unless you make really noisy music), serve you at home and allways will
>have a cleaner sound than any "professional" speaker system, giving only
>little less efficiancy.

I currently have a goal of getting two signal paths, where one handles the
straight guitar sounds in all their distorted glory, and the other is clean
and powerful for loops and other sound sources. Right now I have the guitar
path pretty well set, with:

custom Klein guitar (still being built, hurry up lorenzo!) -> assorted
pedals -> mesa triaxis -> intellifex -> echoplexes -> mesa simulclass 2:90
-> mesa 1x12 200W ev's

My goal is to have the echoplexes out of that chain, but in parallel, with
some sort of mixer that can bring the guitar signal in from different
points in its path. I also want to be able to mix other sound sources into
the loops, and have some assortment of effects that can be arbitrarily
placed before or after the loops. I'll then send it out a clean power amp
and pa speakers. Of course, then there is the fairly hopeless goal of
keeping things small and reasonably portable. I think I'll try to make some
kind of modular thing, where depending on what I'm doing and where, I'll
take appropriate pieces.

The best mixer choice I've seen is the SwitchBlade 16, a 16x16 crosspoint,
fully programmable mixer, in 1 rack space. Real expensive, but probably
worth it if ya need it. I think I probably do. Now where are those lottery

A friend of mine has something similar to this. He plays a parker fly, with
the piezo pickups going to an Eventide dsp 4000 and various other stuff,
while the magnetic pickups go through a triaxis, ensoniq DP/4, and an ADA
ampulator. This all mixes together for a stereo pair of echoplexes, which
goes out either to his PA or his mixing desk, depending on whether its
studio or live. His rig sounds great, he gets some really excellent effects
by mixing the piezos and mags with different effects applied to each.


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