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Re: Plex Pricing

>>I've got an idea: but no idea how to implement it: maybe we should do
>>a GROUP PURCHASE and get some kind of volume discount from some
>>nice music store somewhere?
>Id go in for that if we could get it for the $475 Manny's
>price or less.  Whats Manny's number anyway?  Where are they?

Manny's is in Manhatten.  For god's sake, don't visit in person -- It's
incredibly tiny and cramped.  Their catalog is great and their phone
service and assistance are well above average.  I've spent thousands there
over the years.  Their number is: 1 (800) 448-8478.  

I'd go in with a group buy as well, but can't commit before more details. 
Who'd be organizing this?