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Re: Plex Pricing

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Louis Collier Hyams wrote:

> what's the word on waiting for the new software before plex purchase?

My word would be that you're in for a long wait.  The "official" word, of 
course, is that release of the See You EW! (CU-EU) is right around the 
corner, barring some "technical complications."  But given some of the 
problems I've heard people have had with Oberheim, I wouldn't be 
surprised if the See You EW! never sees the light of day.  

I hope this is more a nihilistic worst-case scenario than an accurate 
prognostication, but to me there are many reasons to assume that the 
current non-upgrade version of the Plex is the only one we'll know, 
glitches and all.

Keep your fingers crossed to the contrary, though...