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Re: The grass roots approach

>Hey y'all --
>There was some talk a while ago regarding getting personal bleebs about
>"normal" joes like (most of) us up on the web page.  I remember seeing a
>list of Stick players on the Stickwire page, and was impressed with the
>way it was laid out and offered information.
>So my suggestion is that some sort of (gulp) standardized approach be
>made up, whereby loopists (i.e. ourselves) can have their musical,
>professional, personal info. on file at the web site.
>One idea might be to decide upon a certain format of info, including:
>Name, address, area(s) of musical specialization (euphemism for the
>dreaded "style" label), influences, personal statement, available
>recordings, gear/rig details, contact info, etc.  Any of these could be
>considered optional.

I'm really into this idea. I have no time to organize it at the moment, so
if y'all want to just go ahead that would be most excellent! We can put
audio clips, pictures, gear diagrams, and whatever else you like. The loop
web page has 20MB of space to grow into, and I'm sure its << 1MB now.
Although, If you think you want to share very large amounts of data about
yourself with the loop enthusiasts of the world, it would be better to set
up your own site and we can link to it from your little blurb section on
Looper's Delight. But within reason, I think we can make this really fun
and interesting.

And since Andre brought it up, doesn't that mean he's in charge of the 

>Let's hear what other people have to say about how this should be
>approached.  I'm keen on trying to find out exactly who and how many
>we are.


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