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Re: The Grass Roots Approach

On Thu, 26 Sep 1996, Louis Collier Hyams wrote:

> andre'
> what do the calartians have for machines now?  web space and such? would 
>it be
> possible to use some of that? rippy(rpi) has relatively cheap per meg 
> but my program is super intensive and may not have enough hours per 
> diem.

I'm not sure exactly what each student in the music department (or the
general intitute) is allotted, but I'd be wary of using Cal Arts computers
for a couple of reasons: 1) I'm basically HTML illiterate (I guess that
makes me a pretty big geek on the list...  or perhaps not enough of one? 
:-/ ) and 2) I can't really apply the time in would take to be able to Web
everyone's profiles.  Also, since this is my last year at Cal Arts, the
data would eventually have to be transferred to a new localle anyway. 
I'll send a message right after this one detailing how I would like to

> ps: what program are you in? music I take it... I got accepted into the
> experimental motion graphics there. ended up choosing iEAR program for 
> teachers and the ability to integrate here is very unique. departments 
> very clicky and politic al when I was there. also, did they fix the 
> stage after the earthquake?

I'm in the Multi-Focus Guitar program.  As far as cliquish behavior and
politics, Cal Arts doesn't strike me as being any worse than your typical
school with a limited budget, and a lot more open-minded than most.  For
me, this is probably the only place in the world I could go to and study
what I want to study in an academic setting.  And yes, the Modular Theater
(with the hydraulic platforms) was repaired following the 1994 Northridge
quake, as was most of the rest of the institute building. 

More to come,