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Re: Looping Setup

>Now for the adventurous, I encourage you to explore beyond the cheesy
>faders and footpedals. Check out the Buchla Thunder and Buchla Lightning.
>These instruments are designed and built by the enigmatic Don Buchla, who
>is considered to be the co-father of synthesizers as musical instruments,
>along with Bob Moog. Don is brilliant, and quite possibly one of the most
>visionary people to ever enter the craft of musical instrument design.
>Naturally the industry ignores him and no one buys any of his stuff.
>Doesn't help that he's more than a little unusual and difficult to work
>with, but share a bottle of wine (or 3 or 4, probably) with him and you
>won't regret it. Anyway, unlike Moog, who builds theremins somewhere in 
>York, Don is still creating the future. Distant future probably!

I didn't know that Buchla was still at it!  I've wanted one of his
modular analogue synths since before I bought my (brand new) Pro-1
(i.e., a long time ago).

Thanks for the pointer!

BTW, Bob spent quite a few years at Big Briar trying to sell 4-d synth
controllers and stuff, before he gave up and turned to the Theremin