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Personal Profile

Primary Looping Gear:
        I use a Roland VG-8, which provides a maximum delay of 1023 ms;
        and a crude audio editor that came bundled with a sound card. I 
        like to acquire PC-based audio software, and possibly a dedicated
        looping instrument as well.

        Too numerous, eclectic, and wide-ranging to list (seriously).

Musical Style / Concentration:
        I am working toward an integration of freely flowing improvisation
        with discretely composed (i.e. sequenced) musical parts. Two
        different parts of my brain know how to make music in their own
        separate ways. I'm hoping for interesting results when I get them
        working well together.

        If I wanted to find my music in a store, I'd probably look in the
        "ambient" category.

        Cirrus Susurrus
                Personnel / primary instruments:
                George Henry - Chapman Stick and Roland VG-8
                Cynthia Henry - Zendrum

Available Recordings:
        None; working on a demo.

Personal Statement:
        I've been interested in looping since hearing "Frippertronics" and
        some Steve Reich pieces a few years back.

        Cindy and I have been avid music fans since childhood. I've played
        guitar since I was 14, and Cindy used to play the flute. We have
        lately adopted the notion that we would like to create and 
        our own musical expressions.

        A rough translation from Latin of "Cirrus Susurrus" is "Whispering
        Wisps" ... not intended to give the false impression that our music
        is always subtle and unobtrusive.

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