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Re: that's from a person who gripes!

On Thu, 17 Oct 1996 Paulpop@ssnet.com wrote:

> Fine then ... then let's call this the Echoplex Users Group because if 
> bulk of you use it, and have nothing to talk about other than
> idiosyncracies of the box, then let's not advertise this as a loopers 
> It has become tedious day after day to log on and find 95% of my mail
> discussion the internal compression problems of this box.  If you have to
> put a compressor in front of a device in order for it to operate 
> you have already changed the sound of the original guitar signal 
> yourselves right away to bells and whistles.  The Jamman within its
> limitations, does not do this and it can be driven very hard, cleanly, 
> good results as far as the loop is concerned.
> I would prefer a dialectic that offered a more diverse discourse on music
> making with looping as a fundamental element rather that this going on
> about the IC board of a box.

Could we *please* lighten up a little here?  There are a number of
people here trying to make music with a rare, unusual, and complex
instrument with virtually no support from the manufacturer.  Suddenly,
they have free and unfettered access to two f the designers, and many
problems are getting cleared up.  You should be happy for them for
growing as musicians, not getting irritated for having a discussion
you're not engrossed in.  

If you don't want to read about it, don't read anything with
"Echoplex" in the subject.  Is it that hard?  Between personal
interest and professional mailing lists, I receive 100-200 pieces of
email a day at two accounts, most of which is uninteresting to me.
The delete key is your friend.  Killfiles are even more of a friend,
if you have a mail program that supports them.

If you're not happy with the subject, feel free to introduce another
one.  One of the benefits of mailing lists is that they happily
support more than one thread of conversation at a time.  If the
Echoplex doesn't interest you, what does?  We have had numerous
musical and highly abstract threads here, and technical discussion for
other devices like compressors and the Vortex as well.

Please, don't yell at people for discussing something that is
interesting and useful to them.  We are all different here.  If we
weren't we'd be on some other mailing list debating the virtues of
Yngwie Malmsteen or Abba.


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