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Re: How about a Loopers-Delight CD?

add my name!! i'm the other, 'new' andre who prompted the new list 
of older devices, it seems

---> Andre Cholmondeley

>Adding the people who specifically reacted to the CD proposal, my 
count looks
>like this (quite possible that I missed someone - please raise your 
>Andre LaFosse
>Dave Trenkel
>David Kirkdorffer
>David Orton
>Doug Michael
>Jon Morris
>Louis Collier Hyams
>Matthias Grob
>Michael Hughes
>Michael Peters
>Patrick Smith
>Ray Peck
>Ted R. Killian
>Todd Madson

I'd like to ad my name (Matt McCabe) to the Loopers-Delight CD list!!! 

King Never   http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~finley/kingnever.html
Matthew F. McCabe
Able Cain
King Never
Marathon Records