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Re: How does Schon Sync?

>It takes a while to realize that the action with your foot
>on the pedal is a musical event, and has to be done in rhythm.

This it VERY NICELY PUT! Should enter the manual, FAQ, whatever.
The foot action on the pedal is a musical event.

>I've helped
>an awful lot of guitar players through this first step. You'd be amazed at
>how many people tap the record button, and then start playing a moment

I made that experience, too. Sad enough, even with guys that have the unit
for a year and had understood once. Nervosity...

>It's easy for me to poke fun at Journey and Neal, being journey and all,
>but he really is a pretty good musician. When I was first showing him how
>to use the Echoplex, for some reason he decided to record a solo first, 
>overdub the rhythm part. He had over 30 seconds worth of rock guitar solo
>looping, and starts overdubbing chord progressions with it. I'm thinking
>"you can't do that, it's impossible to get that in time. I'm never gonna 
>able to teach this guy to do this right."  He stops playing the rhythm
>part, and I realize that its perfectly in time with the solo, and that he
>finished playing exactly at the end of a pretty long loop. Not only that,
>the solo he played in the first place was in time and was an even number 
>beats in length so that it fit perfectly into an ordinary sort of rock
>progression. My respect for his musicianship went up a lot right then,
>because I sure as hell couldn't do that.

Beautyfull story, too. Is there a place on the site for it?
We might create another compilation of mails, about aplications of loop in
Rock. Any more experiences?
Has anyone seen Jurney doing it live?