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Re: Implied music

Loved your arrival, Travis!

I read your fascinating storry and heared the sounds of the looped feed
back guitar and the fed back loop guitar and when I managed to get up I
went to my guitar to play some such sound. But the Plex had its Feedback
LED orange all the time (which fits into your story) but did not work at
Since I know from long years that such errors should be fixed on the spot
but have to be understood similar to a hurting back that should not be
fixed by surgery but through a change in live - I played without loop.
I played the oposit of what I had heared: A never repeating combination of
strange clean chords, mostly unknown to me. And I felt like creating most
intelligent music, finally liberated from the cave of the limiting


Then I switched the plex on again and it still had the same orange LED. So
I disconnected it totaly and switched it on again - and it worked normal
I knew I had "fixed" it and plugged all in again and it still worked 
Anyone ever seen that bug?

Seriously: Does anyone know of any composed or similar sounding harmonic
music that has no repetition in it, not even variations of a theme, just a
development in certain mood, softly changing?
Is that worthless or revolutionary or just a diletantic lack of aim and
Isn't the lack of structure a concept which has the same value as a 

So that was the effect your story had on me, Travis. Disapointed?

Thank you