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Re: loopers meet @namm

>David Torn wrote:
>>at the moment, i'm looping in japan w/ryuichi sakamoto: (me, rs & dj 
>>are acting as "soloists" in front of rs' 70-piece multi-mediafied 
>>all the concerts are internet-cast: check the sakamoto website, if ya
>wow, that's going to be an amazing show.
No doubt. Why doesn't this kind of thing happen in the US?

>everyone here already knows how spiff david is, but anyone who hasn't
>checked out dj spooky, go buy "songs of a dead dreamer" right now.  groovy
>urban-ambient type stuff ("illbient"), very inspirational for us loopers.
>how does he get those sounds???
Well, when I saw him perform it was just with 2 turntables, a CD player and
a DJ mixer that evidently had a delay/looper built in. And a lot of really
cool records, of course. I heard a sample I recognized but couldn't quite
identify, so I paid attention when he took it off the turntable, recognised
the Deutch Gramaphone label, it was Stockhausen's "Gesang der Jungeling".
Also noticed bits of Satie and Prelude to the Afternoon of a Fawn on the
Dead Dreamer record, the guy definitely knows something about music.

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