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Re: music just for musicians?

In response to my saying:
">>If you people want to see all of the manufacturers run and create 
>>will tell you what it will take: Not the esoteric kinds of things that we
>>all love to create and listen to because we know what is good, but
>>something that the great unwashed masses can enjoy as well. "

Michael said:
"I'm not sure that's necessarily fair.  Just because a market is small,
doesn't mean it has to die.  Out of interest, how many JamMen were sold
compared to hour high-end reverbs?  The market for those must be tiny (What
do you think, dear - change the car or buy a Lex 300?)."

We have sold around 8000 JAMMEN as opposed to maybe 5000 each of the M300 
and M480L. Low end products require a lower margin(earned dollars) then 
higher end products thus a higher volume is required for a product to be 
deemed successful.  This may not be fair but it is reality.

Best regards,

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