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RE: Music just for musicians?

>Michael writes:
>> I thought we were having a good-natured debate on why the sales values 
>>mention happened, especially in the light of how cool we know these boxes
> I, too, thought this debate was all good-natured and fun, but it appears 
>>others may have detected some un-intended animosity.

So there we go - Jon and I were having a good time, and if anyone else
wasn't that's not our problem!  :):)

Seriously, I think I've learned from this experience how difficult it is to
phrase things humourously without offending people....  I'll have to try
harder next time >:]

> Michael--I suspect
>you missed the "boston's not a big college town" reference: this is a 
>line from
>"Spinal Tap", and if you've not seen the movie, you must. It should be 
>viewing for all musicians!

You're right - I missed that one!! It's a while since I saw that.
"How much more cool could my Vortex be? None more cool."
Hey, that's it!!   Lex should've used NIGEL TUFNELL to advertise the 

>>Many people around here would lose limbs rarther than Vortices.  I 
>>we were debating why the rest of Humanity was stupid enough not to 
>Is that where we started? I lost track somewhere down the line!!!

I can't actully remember where we started, but I'm sure we got onto that


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