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Re: Music just for musicians?

>The price argument reminds me of Prior's Double Dark, a wonderful
>Philadelphia-brewed beer available for $2 - $3 a six back in the days when
>there were *no* drinkable American beers. Some marketing guy decided that
>they'd sell more if they were priced and sold more like imports -
>specifically Guinness - and all of a sudden the beer came in 4-paks which
>cost $6. Within a year, no more Prior's in any form. So what was the 
>Ahead of their time? Misguided marketing? Recession of '82? From *my*
>perspective as a loyal Prior's fan prior (;->) to their marketing suicide,
>the whole thing stunk. They took a perfectly good product - one which had
>basically no competitors - and $%#$$ed it over with a misguided marketing
>strategy. Can you imagine how well they'd have done if they had just held 
>at the level they were at, and caught the micro-brewery wave? My gut 
>is the JamMan is a perfectly good product, reasonably priced even at
>$350-400, that needed to wait for its market to develop.

Dont worry too much. It looks like the Plex is holding this position (it
actually IS mainly imported technology :-), and as you point out, its not
the price that makes the success of such a product, but rather:
uniqueness x smart marketing x time.
So at the moment, helping Oberheim by demonstrating and explaining what it
does is maybe the best we can do for the survival of the species (and my
own :-).


Oh, Greg just said it his way:
> But lets not
>waste time with this issue.  It would be more constructive(and 
>to discuss what everybody would like to see in the next generation of
>dedicated(or not) looping technology.  Maybe if we are all good on the
>karmic scale Lexicon or Oberheim(or Roland or Alesis) might answer our