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Re: Some ideas...

In a message dated 2/4/97 7:59:37 PM, jj wrote, re algorithmic loop 

<<Anybody think this is remotely possible with the devices we have today?
Any other thoughts on how to put some fresh, (relatively) unpredictable
or at least systemic experimentation into looping?
Sounds like a job for Max, Opcode/IRcam's MIDI programming environment, 
can apparently detect and/or analyse audio via an Audiomedia card, I
understand...or rather I DON'T understand, but betcha one of the folks on 
lofty max list could set up something like what you describe...there's also
SuperCollider, an amazing real-time synth and audio processor for the Power
Mac (whose downloadable demo is a free sonic trip NO audio-minded PowerPC
owner should overlook!). And of course, who knows what couldn't be done 
cSound, a Kyma box, or even an Eventide DSP4000, were money and audio
engineering expertise no object...