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A Jamthing, Vortex, and 'plex free post!

De-lurking at last. Greetings to all.

First a bit of humour:

Kem McNair wrote:
P.s. I'll contact ray peck about the killer loops for the cd

Yeah, I saw these in an opticians recently, made by Bausch & Lomb. What 
they? ;-] ;-]
(No, seriously, I did see them. They are in a small black box with a label 
on the side that says "KILLER LOOP". I don't wear glasses, and the shop is 
always closed - I'm coming home at 02:00 after doing a radio show, so I 
no idea. Does anybody know what these are? Maybe I could find out if not.)

Now on to serious stuff. I have been "looping" for nigh on twenty years 
on and off, using the old two open-reel method (ala Frippertronics except 
use Tandbergs and do not have the luxury of speed control, but it still 
works most times). Input sounds are anything that will make a noise, 
although electronics are best because they don't require mic's. Anyone 
out there still in the stone age?:-)

I noticed on the web page that there is a list of loopers and info about 
them, but can't see any way of contributing to it. Is there a special 
requirement, or am I just missing something? I have an album (vinyl), put 
out just over ten years ago which contains two tape-delay pieces - one 
Mini-Moog, the other with electric guitar. Do people on the list use it to 
trade product? This would seem to be an obvious application, and is 
something I am attempting to set up for Elephant Talk, the King Crimson 
website and forum. So please enlighten me!

HAPPY LOOPING!   happy looping!  happy ...........

Jim Bailey