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Re: Midi Sample Dump

At 2:40 PM 2/9/97, Kim Flint wrote:

>Midi Sample Dump is painfully slow. <...>
>If your sequencer supports handshaking, the process should
>speed up quite a bit. Without it, the echoplex adds delays in the data
>transmission to limit the danger of over running data buffers on the
>receiving device....

Exactly right (from the, ahem, author of the SDS, with Dave Rossum). No
handshake - or "open loop" as it is known - is extremely slow compared to
the normal "closed loop" dump, which is merely painfully slow <g>.

It is worth considering a copy of Passport Alchemy or BIAS Peak (1.5 or
later) to do sample dumps in a more efficient way, if for no other reason.

Favorite quote: "Time is money...and the exchange rate is lousy."

 - CM

P.S. Wouldn't it be nice if one of the so-callled data file floppy drives
out there could recognize a sample dump and handshake accordingly? Were any
that smart? If any one has a chance, it might be the Alesis; Marcus is no

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