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Exciting event! Mark it on the calendar:


Saturday, March 22, starting 7:30 pm
@ LionFish Coffeehouse, 614 N. 2nd St.,Phila PA (215) 829-9103, half block
north of Spring Garden St.  
Probable cover: $5 (not set in stone)

Prepare yourselves for an evening of looped music, all members of Looper's
Delight mailing list.  In no particular order:

   * Paul Mimlitsch: Chapman stick
   * Accidents Will Happen: guitar/bass/drum trio featuring Paul Poplawski
   * Charles Cohen: solo Buchla synth
   * Fingerpaint: trio from DC featuring Patrick Smith

Come meet the performers and their equipment!

I'll tell you right now that if this show is a success, we can expect to
see more "Loop Shows" in the future.  Right now they have no idea what I
talked them into booking.  This place has an absolutely great dinner menu,
coffee, desserts, etc.  The management would love to see a good turn out of
food-buying audience, and that's really their measure of success.  So this
is my appeal for support of live loop music in Philly, something I'd
personally like to see a lot more of.

Please e-mail me with any questions concerning the show, directions, 
More information and reminder notice will follow closer to the date.


My Town: Philadelphia!