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As a cross between the DIN-sync and more-on-the-Vortex threads...

In my live set-up, I already have the sampler/drum machine (a Studio 440
with sampled percussion loops, triggered at the head with the on-board
sequencer) set up to put out a logic pulse on every downbeat. It has many
clock divisions on output too. I'd like to get the Vortex to
auto-synchronize to it, without relying on my frenzied taps in the middle
of a song.

Anyone come up with a nice logic pulse to switch closure circuit that will
work with the Vortex's tap pedal input? We were thinking a relay might be
the very best...

 - CM

P.S. Re: Interesting things in feedback loops: I am about to receive a
Sherman Filterbank, a weird dual filter with envelopes, envelope follower,
LFO, ring modulator, and distortion to process sampled loops etc. as they
repeat; a device like this might be interesting to make loops evolve as
well. A more sane (and stereo!) version of such a box might also be the
Mutronics Mutator - check out
www.bluesystems.com/products/outboard/mutator.html for some info.

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