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RE: Musicianship, live technique, etc...

Romeo sez ...

> it seems like we're having two monologues rather than a conversation.  
> One problem I've been having is that the music just goes on and on 
> and there aren't any breaks... 
> it feels like a need to keep the music going no matter what, and
> this seems really tiring after a while, like "hey, we're trying to
> overload your circuits, relentlessly".  
> I'm very interested in how you loopers deal with this, since looping
> essentially means endless music.  

I haven't found a way to deal with this, but I recognize it as a problem as
well ... Looping improvs with several loopers are essentially different
from solo loops. I did a couple of live loops with 2 other loopers and we
weren't really happy with the outcome just because of this ... no breaks
etc. I guess it takes a lot of looping improv hours together to find ways
to opening this up, and enabling open spaces and interesting dynamic
changes to happen. Has anyone found good recipes?

Michael Peters