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Revox varispeed

>From: Mark HEWINS <hewins@musart.co.uk>
>I got an old Revox B77 MkII (for tape echo and looping only) about 2 
>ago-my choice. Does anyone have any information about the varispeed 
>control* for this machine?

Try writing to a guy named Bob Fripp, or something like that, I understand 
he used to use them at one time. %~} ) <---- (the smiley family's weird 
Uncle Salvador).

Seriously though, sorry, I'm not that familiar with the Revox gear, it 
always seemed to be just beyond my financial grasp :-( . Try a service 
that deals with them, or perhaps a distributor, if possible. I don't know 
enough about the scene over there ot suggest more.

Jim b.