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Re: JamMan & MIDI

At 11:50 PM 2/20/97, future perfect wrote:
>Hi..I am considering buying a JamLad and I would like to know if I can
>control the various functions with MIDI..I currently use a Ground
>Control footswitch for my guitar synth, and would like to be able to
>easily control the loops and overdubs easily, without having more
>footswitches on the floor. Also, does the JamBoy have a 'multiply'
>function like the Echoplex? Just wondering...

>From what I hear, the JellyMan can be controlled by midi from a ground
control. You have to have the updated ground control software to do this.
I'm sure there are others who can tell you more about that.

Multiply is unique to the Echoplex, so you will be stuck with singular 

Of course, there is the question of whether there are any jahmans left to
buy....anyone know?


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