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Re: alternate footpedals for JamMonster?

>While I love my JamSter, I hate that damned footswitch.  While rifling
>in a box of old cable I found an insert Y-splitter, meaning that there
>is one male stereo jack attached to two mono female jacks. One of the F
>jacks is marked RING and the TIP (this starting to sound familiar?).
>You use these just like a normal insert cable except you use a regular
>old 1/4" to 1/4" cable.
>I was thinking that it would be a swell idea to use two sustain pedals
>plugged into this Y-dingus and has a slightly more tap friendly pedal
>contraption.  Will this work?  Do I need the normally open kind or the
>normally closed?
I have an old pedal that is a pair of piano-style sustain pedals in one
housing, with a stereo plug. I'm not sure who made it, I'm not even sure
where I got it, but it works GREAT as a tap/bypass pedal. It just feels the
most accurate for grabbing loops in rhythm, compared to the stock JamMan
pedals and Midi program changes. This may just be my own perception, but
the drummer I play with has noticed the difference in my looping.

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