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Re: les paul

In a message dated 2/22/97 11:14:17 AM, you wrote:

>and don't forget, he also had a FIVE track tape deck in 1952, while a big
>deal is made of Sgt Pepper being on FOUR track 15 years later (and it is a
>big deal, don't get me wrong!!!) but LP is great
>kick me if i don't go see him at IRIDIUM one of these monday nights...
Les Paul is a national treasure, and if ANY of you have the chance to go 
him in NYC, i would STRONGLY urge you to go. he used to play every monday 
Fat Tuesdays, i went when i was up in NYC at the CMJ conference....sat
directly in front of him at a table by the stage. Les Paul was incredible,
played his ass off with just a rhythm guitarist (Lou Pallo, a formidable
guitarist himself) and an acoustic bassist.  Les can still play like no one
else, and after the show he takes the time to hang out with people, talk
guitar, sign stuff, etc. Les started it all for us electronic
guitarists....way back in '48....incredible!!!!
bobby devito/lvx nova