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Re: archiving

Actually, Ed Drake has done quite a bit of great editing. I should have it
up this weekend. It's Jamman related, but actually interesting even if
that's not your looper of choice.

more is always welcome of course!


>Since after the following old mail there was no interest shown, aehm...
> *trash the archive*, Kim!
>Helow, newer list users!
>I wonder whether you are helped with our archive and whether its worth the
>effort for you to catch up with all that has been said?
>I think it is, because a lot of fundamental thinking happened when it was
>all new.
>I once started the condensed version to save you from diging through all
>the headers, repetitions and wild mix of different subjects, some of them
>even outdated.
>Does anyone apreciate it? It takes some time to do it (it took me 2-3 
>to do what there is). And there is a lot of newer good stuff to add to it.
>I thought that someone who is about to study the archive might be the 
>person to do this work because
>- he is going through the mails anyway and copy pasting is quick
>- he is one of those that profit from our initial work, so its fair
>What do you think?

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