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New web stuff

As promised, Ed Drake's wonderful efforts on the JamMan section of the
website are now uploaded. Let's all give Ed a hand for his effort, and take
a look at:


Thanks Ed! This is Ed's first attempt at web publishing, and he did just 

If you have any ideas for the jamman section, let Ed know at:  Ed Drake

Also, I uploaded the latest profile page a few days ago. If you are not on
the profiles page yet, send your specs to Michael Peters for inclusion in
the next version. Michael Peters <100041.247@CompuServe.COM>

We are averaging about 1400 page downloads a week now (and rising!), so
it's not a bad spot to get a little visibility!

As always, ideas and submissions for the website are welcomed and
encouraged. Collective effort has made it as good as it is, and it can only
get better!



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