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Re: alternate footpedals for JamMonster?

At 10:48 AM 2/21/97, Chris Chovit wrote:
>I am interested in making one box which has all the switches for my 
>setup (2 EDP's & 2 JamMan's).  I am envisioning reproducing the EDP
>footswitch (w/ an A/B box to switch between the two EDP's) and having 4
>switches for each JamMan (to utilize all the footswitching capability).  
>question is:  What types of switches do each of the units use?  Are they
>all momentary switches?  normally open or normally closed?
>- chris

Check out the Echoplex footpedal tutorial on the web site for info on DIY
echoplex pedals. It's pretty easy. url:


I would guess that the jamman uses a momentary normally-open, but you
should check with someone who actually knows.


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