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Central NJ ??? Live Loops plus!!!

hey fellow loopheads !!!

still looking to hook up a central NJ loopfest - i may have the perfect
place - New Brunswick is smack dab in the middle of the state (kinda). 

i'll be performing a live "Psychotic Loop Exorcism" removing the evil
non-looping spirits at the COURT TAVERN, 124 CHURCH ST, NEW BRUNSWICK NJ
908-545-7265 at 10:00pm and it's just $1.00 !!! I'll be abusing a casio
mg510, a kawai kIIr, a vortex, an ensoniq mirage, and numerous digital
delays and stuff..

My band <hidden agenda> will be playing at 11:00pm and we do include some
loopage - but are very improv based - mostly originals, but some Coltrane,
Hendrix, Sonny Sharrock & Zappa... check it out if you're ANYWHERE nearby..

peace and LOOPS AWEIGH !!!!