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Re: Musicianship, live technique, etc...

you make an excellent point, however there has to be a balance between the 
we play music because we love it.....we are selfish in that regard because
that which comes from our mouths, fingers, minds..we hopefully hold dear
and regard as being our own! but we  must realize that this disipline is
not just for ourselves, there are those who do not have the disipline or
interest in making the music, however they whole heartedly wish to share
our experience so that they can more deeply explore thier own experiences.
I feel that we must play for ourselves because it is our own dear gift,
however we must always remember that we are sending a message and providing
a service that not only enriches our own lives, but those who believe in us
as well. I play music because to do so makes me happy to be alive. However
I always try and remember that it is my responsibility as a musician to
touch my audience, so that they may share in that
happiness and realize that they too..... are alive!!!!!!