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Re: Bobby Devito

In a message dated 2/25/97 7:42:05 PM, you wrote:

>I noticed that Bobby Devito joined us last week and I just want to take
>this opportunity to plug his CD Lux Nova! Very good ambient backgrounds
>with meldoic guitar work snaking through it. And a great use of samples in
>the right places.
>Obviously I'm not a reviewr, but I'd urge anyone to snap up his remaining
>disks at $5 each.
>He and I traded music recently and I for one am quite impressed. And while
>your reading this Bobby , congrats on getting signed. I look forward to
>hearing your work in the future.
thank you very much patrick! there are a limited number of these LVX NOVA
CD's still here, they are an "advance" copy...and they are only $5 to any 
you while they last. then we will have an official release here in the USA 
MIRAMAR (god love them!) and in europe and japan by R&S Records. and if any
of you out there would rather TRADE me a copy of your CD or tape or LP, i'd
actually prefer that to $$$ :-)
bobby devito/lvx nova