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Hello, new to the list

     Hello everybody, my names Marc. I just subscribed to the list. I've 
using a Digitech RDS 7.6 for several years (at least) now. Thanks to my
friend Ed Drake, I just purchased a Jamman during Guitar center's closeout.
Even before I added the memory upgrade, I was having a blast with the 
I have especially enjoyed building a loop with my sampler/synths on the
Jamman, and then using the RDS 7.6
(with different sounds) to further thicken the texture (with unsynced
     Among other things, I play for Dance Improv classes at VCU. The RDS 
has been very useful for these, but now I'm looking forward to also using 
Jamman at these classes. It will be great to constantly change the delay 
to mirror what the dancers are doing.
     Btw, I play EWI, Bass, Chapman Stick, and Bass&Tenor Recorders. 
     Take care, Marc