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Gig question

> "Star's End" can be heard every Saturday night/Sunday morning from 
> on:
>                 88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia, PA
>                 88.1fm WXPH Harrisburg, PA
>                 90.5fm Worton/Baltimore, MD
>                 104.9fm Allentown, PA
We don't live in Philly (Florida, actually..), but we will be up in that
area for a small tour in June supporting our first CD...check our web
page for dates..we will be back in that area in September, and would
like to know how to be invoved in a show that your radio show
sponsers/promotes. We play ambient/progressive/Renaissancy (band and
time period) kinda stuff...the band's name is 'Future Perfect' and it
consists of 2 people. We'll have sound clips at our page within a week
or two. Thanks a lot!!!!
Cups and cakes,
Dave Eichenberger
'Future Perfect' - progressive art music - visit our website at:
'Music is a mirror of who we are.' - Robert Fripp